We develop for the internet that isn’t seen: the software and the architecture that serves the web.

With a focus on understanding how languages like PHP and Javascript/NodeJS work with the Linux/Unix platform, we’re experts at building, expanding and maintaining the software and logic that delivers websites.

Ways that we can help you are:

  • Website development and consulting.
  • WordPress/Woocommerce plugin development.
  • Symfony/Laravel backend development.
  • Legacy PHP codebase maintenance.
  • SQL/NoSQL design and bottleneck consulting.
  • Site acceleration and high-availability consulting.
  • Linux and hosting systems architecture consulting.


Andrew Stewart

Andrew is a software developer with over a decade of experience working in the PHP/Linux space. He has a background with web development frameworks like WordPress, Zend, Symfony and Laravel as well as a strong understanding of systems architecture with Linux and open-source systems.

He has worked as a software developer and systems administrator at many organisations, notably the University of British Columbia and Careerbuilder UK. Originally from Vancouver, he now resides in Montréal.