Innocow Software + Consulting

PHP/MVC Development. Linux DevOps.

Who are we

Innocow is a boutique software and Linux consultancy specialising with PHP/MVC development on the LAMP platform. We use this expertise to write great software as well as help clients with their business and information technology needs.

Our decades of experience with both systems and development gives us insight in creating solutions that leverage the advantages and limitations of each.

Linux Expertise

We have decades of history with Linux in various situations and scale. We know how to build and maintain stable, secure, automated and highly available Linux systems.

Human Speak

We know this industry can be overwhelming with keeping up on techies and jargon. We can simplify concepts and solutions so that you won't have to. Cool.

Robust + Graceful Code Logic

We think one step ahead and write code that attempts to be as robust and stable as it is graceful and informative when encountering errors. We always try to code with best practices when possible, following OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) and MVC (Model-View-Controller) concepts.

Emphasis On Documentation

As consultants, we're typically the ones coming into a project to help grow or fix it. As a policy we always document as much of the work as we can. We know how frustrating it can be when a lack of documentation keeps others in the dark.

Software Downloads Coming Soon.

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    Toronto, Ontario
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    'help' at this domain name.